Meatpacking Engagement Session lift and kiss


West Village Engagement Session in New York City

November 29, 2021

Mary-Brigid and Mike spent the afternoon running around the West Village, not far from their apartment in Chelsea for their West Village engagement session. Like a good cocktail party, their session was fun and flirty, and felt like love in the city. Their stylish outfits and genuine way with one another gave the West Village a modern, fresh feel.

Mary-Brigid and Mike’s engagement session perfectly captures their love in the city. With the stunning architecture and charming streets of the West Village as their backdrop, their photos showcase the beauty and romance of New York City.

The couple’s outfits are stylish and chic, perfectly complementing the urban landscape of the city. Mary-Brigid’s floral print dress paired with black, leather ankle high-heeled boots is effortlessly cool, while Mike’s grey suit and cashmere sweater gives a nod to the classic style of New York.

Their love for each other is evident in every photo, as they laugh and dance together on the cobblestone streets. The Meatpacking District provides the perfect contrast to the West Village with its bustling energy and modern feel, bringing out the fun and playful side of their relationship. While the quiet moments captured in their photos showcase the deep love and connection they share, even in the midst of the busy city.

This West Village engagement session is a true celebration of their love and the city they call home. Mary-Brigid and Mike’s joy and love for each other is palpable in every photo, and their session is sure to inspire anyone looking for a little bit of romance and city adventure.

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement session location, look no further than the West Village.

new york city wedding photographer's couple in the west village
snuggle kiss on w 11th street new york city
West Village Engagement Session Kiss
kissing on w 4th street new york city
close up of kissing
looking at camera
crossing the street on w 11th street
sweet kiss on w. 4th street in west village
having coffee at tartine
crossing the street at cafe cluny
kissing in front of cafe cluny
close up kiss in front of cafe cluny
West Village Engagement Session New York Wedding Photographer at Cafe Cluny
West Village Engagement Session New York City Wedding Photographer Cafe Cluny
having coffee at Cafe Cluny
street view
sweet embrace in meatpacking
ring detail
walking in meatpacking
walking in meapacking
kissing in meatpacking
surprise hug
sweet surprise snuggle in new york city
meatpacking engagement session kiss
Meatpacking Engagement Session close up kiss
Meatpacking Engagement Session walking and crossing street
Meatpacking Engagement Session with lights
Meatpacking Engagement Session walking with lights
Meatpacking Engagement Session lift and kiss

Film images processed by: PhotoVision Prints

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