“Working with Jennifer was like a breath of fresh air, she made me feel calm and confident so effortlessly.”


- melissa, bride

While most people have a script of poses, these are moments created to capture emotion. This is imagery that feels as effortless as it looks for photographs that look as beautiful as it feels.

working with jennifer

Deeper than a scripted series of generic poses and shots, this is work with purpose and passion, with energy and connection. These are more than pretty pictures. These are pretty pictures that make you feel something. Fine art and destination wedding photography with intention and heart.

Black tie and tuxedos doesn't equal boring. My clients can dress up and still get down. With a combination of sophisticated and fun, many of my couples' weddings are epic both visually and on the dance floor.

Know how to get dressed up and still have a lot of fun.

My clients

destination wedding photography

If my clients aren't working designers or bloggers, they're spending their free time designing their wedding website and crafting mood boards. They have an eye for style and design and appreciate the details. I find my couples love traditional and classic imagery that makes a modern, fashion-forward statement.

Are classic and traditional with a fashion-forward edge.

my clients

destination wedding photography


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the process

01. Meet

As the particular needs of each of my couples' weddings vary, we'll begin with a call to learn more about yours. I'll then send a custom proposal for you to review. With a signed contract and retainer, your wedding is booked. 

02. Plan

I'll be in touch throughout the process to provide as much, or as little, guidance and artistic direction you need. I'll create a concept board to guide my approach, inform my perspective, and tailor your images to your unique vision.

03. Shoot

I'll arrive on your wedding day energized and fully prepared to execute your vision. With no detail left to chance, I'll gently guide you through natural interactions to capture your love both genuinely and naturally from an artistic perspective.

04. Deliver

I'll curate a select gallery of highlight images from your day within 48 hours for viewing. Your film is sent to the lab immediately and your final gallery will be complete in 12 weeks from your wedding day to download and enjoy.

01. what is your pricing? and how do we secure our date on your calendar?

As the particular needs of each individual event and wedding vary, I create custom collections for all of my clients to ensure you receive everything you need, and nothing that you don't. Complete the inquiry form and we'll begin with a call to learn more about your needs. I'll then send a custom proposal for you to review. With a signed contract and retainer fee, your wedding is officially booked! My collections begin at $10,000.

As a fine art photographer drawing inspiration from my travels and study in Italian literature and art, I bring an editorial approach to your wedding. This means getting to know what inspires you, and crafting a clear artistic vision for your day. My approach is balanced as I am assertive enough to make stylistic choices when required, yet intuitive enough to know when it is time to step back and let your natural moments unfold. I work closely with you and your planner to be sure every detail is taken care of so that you can step into your day with joy and ease.

02. what is the process of working with you like? what is your approach?

I always work with a second photographer to shoot digital backup while I shoot film, catch interesting and unique angles when I'm shooting digital, and be there in the event of an emergency. In cases when you are both getting ready at different locations, my second photographer will photograph one of you at the secondary location. Depending on the scale of your event, I will also have an additional assistant on my team to help handle logistics and photography gear.

03. how many photographers will there be at our wedding? do you have an assistant?

The evening of your wedding, I will preview your digital images and begin curating a select gallery of highlight images to send in an online gallery within one week. I will overnight your film to the lab and upon receipt of your scanned film images will begin preparing your final gallery. You will receive your complete wedding gallery within 12 weeks of your wedding day and on average will enjoy 70-100 images per hour of coverage.

04. when will we receive our final wedding images? and how many images do we receive?

My primary focus during our time together is to put you into great light with amazing backdrops so that you look your very best therefore minimizing the need for retouching. That being said, all of your images are color corrected to ensure proper skin tone and balance, and minor edits to blemishes, hair, or location are also made as appropriate. More extensive retouching is offered upon request.

05. do our images include retouching or other corrective services?

I shoot a blend of medium format film, 35mm film, and full frame digital at your wedding. I carry Contax 645, a Pentax 645Nii, a Nikon F6, Sony A7iv, and a wide range of prime lenses for each. I always have backups of each camera as well as multiple memory cards, batteries, and film and require the same of my second photographers. I employ the use of flash as needed during reception time and have a tripod as needed for low light situations in which I'd like to shoot film. My equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly.

06. what equipment do you use? do you shoot film or digital?