Wedding detail photo with the bride's dress and her bouquet


Wedding Detail Trends in 2024

November 4, 2023

Wedding detail trends in 2024 are moving from more composed images to more deconstructed and contextual. Read on for more on how to capture your details in a way that best represents you while feeling both current and enduring.

Wedding detail photo with the bride's dress and her bouquet

Why Details Matter

As you know, details make the difference between a nicely designed wedding and a great one. Because the truth is that things matter. Design matters. It’s about more than pretty photos. It’s about living a beautiful life. And the lucky part is that when you live it beautifully, the photos are easy. Effortless. Because you, you are your own masterpiece.

Therefore, each intricate detail you choose creates a visual representation of who you are and who you want to be together. It’s important therefore to document them in a way worthy of their selection. Each thoughtfully curated item should be photographed in an equally meticulous and reverent way.

A deconstructed flatlay showing the wedding detail trend of 2024.

How to Nail Wedding Detail Trends

While a formal styled image of your shoes and stationary suite is important- what’s trending in 2024 is a more still life, contextual approach to detail photos. For example, a nightstand strewn with your lip gloss, clutch, perfume and itinerary card speaks to the hustle of the day, embodying the vibrant energy and anticipation that fills the air as you prepare for the adventures and moments that lie ahead.

Wedding details on a nightstand demonstrating the wedding detail trends of 2024.

While there will always be a place for formal photographs and traditionally composed images, there certainly is room for some fun and experimentation in your wedding photography. Be sure to work with a photographer that takes both approaches so that your photos will age well. Something we like to do, is have a photographer on our team take a more straightforward approach, while another one of us shoots the same scene in a different way.

I like to ask ourselves, what more is there to see here. What more is your photographer seeing?

See more of our work here in our portfolio for a documentary, timeless approach.

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