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Celebrating and honoring your journey, with both style and purpose. This is portrait photography that makes a statement. From carefully curated locations to thoughtful styling, our portrait sessions are meticulously designed to do more than capture images. They are an artful exploration, a visual journey, that resonates with your personal vision and style. 

Celebrating and honoring your journey, with both style and purpose. This is portrait photography that makes a statement. 

Not a headshot session, no. We create brand imagery that doesn't just capture your appearance, but serves as a powerful reflection of your essence. Forget blending in – we create visuals that spark irresistible buzz. To stand out in a sea of ordinary, we believe in sending a strong signal about who you are and what you stand for. It's not just about being seen; it's about being remembered.

Brand & Editorial Shoots

When the moment between the two of you is bigger than the two of you. When your whole world is about to change. We'll be there to capture each honest moment as you ask the one question that changes everything. Celebrate with incredibly documentary imagery that captures this momentous decision in a way that rises to the occasion.

Surprise Proposals

Pre-Wedding sessions

Fully styled concepts to celebrate your journey together. Pre-wedding and engagement sessions for couples who want it all - beautiful imagery and heartfelt moments of genuine connection. Our pre-wedding sessions are defined by a classically modern approach, for portraiture that is simultaneously modern and elegant.

All of our portrait and brand shoots are a collaborative endeavor, ensuring that your ideas align seamlessly with our creative expertise. Fueled by the way you see the world, your inspiration guides us to both document what it feels like as well as create something new, beautiful, and everlasting.

 Within 48 hours of your session, I'll curate a select gallery of highlight images for you to enjoy. Your film goes off to the lab and your final gallery will be delivered within 8 weeks in a beautiful online, private viewing gallery available for immediate download, printing, and sharing.

04. Deliver

 I arrive on the day fully prepared to execute your vision. I'll guide you through natural interactions to capture you genuinely and naturally from an artistic perspective. Your session includes multiple locations and looks and I will work to capture all angles for full editorial coverage.

03. Shoot

With no detail left to chance, we begin preparing for your portrait session well in advance of the shoot date. I'll curate your inspiration into a concept that will guide our artistic approach and help inform our location and wardrobe selection, as well as provide logistical assistance and coordination.

02. Plan

We'll start with a call to learn more about you and your vision, I'll then send a proposal tailored with a selection of offerings based on your particular needs. With a signed contract and retainer your session is booked.

01. Meet

The Process

Signature Work

New York, Ny

Ben & Kyle

Richmond, VA

Mashana + Charles

Brooklyn, NY

Alsey + Connor

 Our signature editorial styled, aesthetically driven portrait and pre-wedding sessions for your one-of-a-kind style.

—  Mary-Brigid, 2022 Bride

Her creative vision, organization, and positive energy are unmatched.

At the core of my approach lies a commitment to understanding and connecting with you and your unique energy. I take pride in crafting custom proposals that are not just about services, but about capturing the essence of your vision and style. Let's set up a call to delve into yours and select just the right services to craft the beautiful, authentic, documentary imagery you crave.


Portrait collections begin at $1,295

From the moment we met Jennifer we knew she was the right photographer. She carefully goes over every detail, including our input to tailor the photos to what we want while including her artistic and professional expertise.

"Everything was not just good. It was exceptional."

Fairfield, CT

Sarah & James

As an editorial photographer drawing inspiration from high fashion magazines, I bring a storytelling approach to your portrait session. This means getting to know what inspires you, and crafting a clear artistic vision for your session. My approach is balanced as I am assertive enough to make stylistic choices when required, yet intuitive enough to create the space to let your natural moments unfold.

What is the process of working with you like?

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately following your portrait session I will preview your digital images and begin curating a select gallery of highlight images to send in an online gallery within 48 hours. I will overnight your film to the lab and upon receipt of your film scans will begin preparing your final gallery. You will receive your complete gallery of images within 8 weeks and will enjoy an average of 100 images/hour of photography.

When will we receive our gallery of images?

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My primary focus during our time together is to put you into great light with amazing backdrops so that you look your very best, therefore minimizing the need for Photoshop work in post-production. That being said, all of your images are color corrected to ensure proper skin tone and balance, and minor edits and retouching to skin are also made as appropriate.

Do our images include retouching?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our portrait and brand shoots are a collaborative endeavor, ensuring that your ideas align seamlessly with our creative expertise. Your inspiration guides us to location and wardrobe selection to suit the mood, energy, and aesthetics you want your session to evoke. I'll create a concept to guide our approach and will help source outfit pieces. I have designers on hand to help style your concept more fully if needed.

Will you help us choose a location and wardrobe?

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Editorial film wedding photographer telling your story with artful excellence and purpose.

Jennifer Conti

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