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Because you are ready to carve your own path and redefine success on your own terms. We have the guidance, support, and insights to help you achieve unprecedented heights.

Superficial simply isn't going to cut it anymore.  Our clients are increasingly aware of authenticity and in a world of artificial everything, are craving something with substance.

If we're going to "raise our prices" we need to first raise the bar. Our technical skills and knowledge, the quality and consistency of our work, carving out our unique vantage point, and tailoring our client experience beyond "gifting" and into something more meaningful.

First, we will get to the core of what drives your business: you. We'll uncover your unique vantage point and then explore all the technical things holding you back. We'll examine the areas in both your life and business that need attention, and the most strategic ways to take the next leap in your journey.

Real coaching is in

Styled shoots are out

We will collaborate to create a personalized one-month action plan. This includes a complimentary check-in and ongoing email support following our time together. Alongside tailored strategies, progress benchmarks, and exclusive access to my coveted reading list, this dynamic approach ensures the seamless integration of coaching insights into your journey for continued growth and success.

03. One Month Follow Up Plan

Whether it's exploring insights gained from the pre-meeting reflection or addressing real-time concerns, the Zoom call serves as a dedicated platform for meaningful conversation, guidance, and progress where we will dive deep into your goals, challenges, and strategies. These are interactive discussions, providing an opportunity for you to actively engage, seek clarification, and share your thoughts.

02. One Hour Zoom Call

01. Pre-Meeting Reflection

My coaching incorporates a pre-meeting reflection, allowing you to introspect and articulate your thoughts before our sessions. This thoughtful preparation serves as a foundation for our discussions, ensuring that our time together is focused, meaningful, and tailored to your specific needs.


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Jake Barrentine Photography

Jennifer's amazing personality is so refreshing. Knowing her and learning from her has given me access to the next level of my business, and her support has not stopped since. 

"Jennifer helped shift my entire mindset."

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Personalized, one-on-one coaching that delves deep into your business challenges. Ignite transformation in your business with a tailored approach that combines strategic guidance and hands-on solutions.

One-on-One Coaching 

For the Growing Business


Explore the 

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With a full custom back end systems review, I'll provide my insights for efficient productivity so you can confidently run your business more like a CEO. Spend more time on the things that bring you joy. Because you didn't start this business to waste your time doing anything less.

Systems Organization

For the Business Ready to Scale

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Get that artistic aesthetic you dream of and learn film photography as a way of refining your style, expanding your skill set, and providing your clients with incredibly beautiful images. Master exposure and composition, learn film stocks and cameras, and how to incorporate it all on a wedding day.

Film Photography Education

For The Established Business

All the Details

For photographers seeking to refine their aesthetic, fine tune their skills, read light in new ways, and approach posing from an editorial perspective.





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Are you ready to transform your business? Let's collaborate on your one-on-one coaching journey. Explore personalized insights, expert methodologies, and technical expertise to propel your business forward.

Apply below to get started on this transformative journey. Your success story begins with a simple decision to start, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


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Editorial film wedding photographer telling your story with artful excellence and purpose.

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