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The Fine Art Wedding Photography Planning Series- The Philosophy

February 2, 2020

Writing today about getting to know more about me Jennifer Conti and Jennifer Conti Photography. I’ll be doing a little series on the business side of things as the winter provides a little extra time to reflect and plan for the busy wedding season ahead. Today, I hope you enjoy reading more about my creative process and what it’s like to work with me on your wedding day. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on my booking and client experience process and my planning recommendations.

I read somewhere a while back, “First people. Then pictures.” I stand by that wholeheartedly. I believe in making connections with people. I believe that is what we are here to do. I believe that’s what makes beautiful photographs. Now, I get it, I hear it. I know it. You’re nervous about being in front of the camera, you’re vulnerable and exposed, and rightfully so. Having your photograph taken is an intimate thing. That’s why it means more than anything, more than any other choice on your wedding day, more than any other relationship you have with your vendors, that your relationship with your photographer matters.

Portrait sessions with me are natural and organic. You don’t have to do anything special. We’ll use gentle posing and direction to create real emotion. And sometimes we’ll simply sit back and capture candid moments. 

Your session (either engagement or any of your wedding portrait sessions) will start with easy conversation, camera at my side. I’ll have you go at a distance and do some simple interactions like walking toward me. Then stop and sway and hold each other, and laugh, and smile, and close your eyes. You already do those things. Every day. That’s the idea. Show me who you are and I’ll take care of the rest. You’re with the person you love the most, in the most exciting time of your lives together. Just be in that. You simply cannot do that wrong.

On your wedding day, I’ll be there to direct and lead when needed and stay back and blend in with the crowd when not. I respect your privacy and your space, and believe in letting your day unfold naturally. I do not ever believe in stopping any of your natural and organic moments for the sake of a photograph. I will however, in the situations that I have control, make photographic choices when I have the chance. Things like asking you to move into better light, ask you to turn a certain way, move locations for the sake of the background in order to capture your day for the way it feels (which doesn’t always match up with the way that it looks.) I’ll work to make sure everything looks seamless from getting ready to cake cutting. And that you’ll have a cohesive album to look back on full of fondness and joy.

I want you to love your photographic experience with me as much as you love your photographs, and I will work on every detail to make sure you are planned, excited, and ready to step into your day with ease and have the absolute best (most beautiful) day of your life! To hear more about the photographic experience from consultation to album delivery with Jennifer Conti Photography read on in the blog!

ocean house wedding bride and groom close up

Need some portrait inspiration? Here’s one of my recent engagement sessions to get you thinking!

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  1. […] On the day of your wedding, I’ll arrive as you are putting the finishing touches on your hair and makeup and stay with you all day as you move from location to location, keeping in constant contact to make sure everything is going smoothly. We’ll work closely with your vendor team to make sure that you can sit back and relax while we manage everything behind the scenes. I believe in a balanced approach to photography, so I’ll direct when needed, and fade into the background when it’s time. Read more about what photo sessions and wedding days are like with me from a photography standpoint here in my first post in this series: The Planning Series- The Philosophy. […]


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