bride and groom in front of white building


Southport Engagement Session: Seaside by the Harbor

April 3, 2021

For this Southport engagement session, my couple who live on Nantucket had to make some changes to their plans. When Covid restrictions weren’t making it easy to venture out to meet each other on the island, we came up with the next best thing. We would have their engagement session in Coastal Connecticut. Which is perfect, because Southport is not far from where their families are from and where their June wedding will take place. This location was the perfect backdrop to showcase their connection to not only each other but their roots in this small town on the shore.

The Location

We began our session among the quaint streets and enjoyed the varying colonial architecture along our walk. The beautifully manicured lawns and curb appeal of the gorgeous homes were the perfect touch. Our session ended on the beach as the sun set. Quintessentially New England, this session takes in all the colonial charm of the region.

The Fashion

The Harbor that overlooks the sound was the perfect place to spend a warm summer night together. With my couple dressed in perfectly preppy chic fashion, we played up the aesthetic. We worked with the textures and tones in their attire to convey a sophisticated sense of relaxation. We played into the casual feel and channeled their Nantucket roots in the location and posing inspiration. That strolling by the shops feel is captured beautifully in these images.

At the end of the evening, as the sun was setting, we changed into a beach casual look and took in the last drops of sun. The cotton candy skies, the pink and blue hues, were the perfect patterns against their easy and gentle way with each other. If you want to feel like you’re on a summer stroll in New England, look no further.

detail of bride and grooms feet at their Southport Engagement Session
bride and groom snuggling during their southport engagement session
bride and groom in front of white building during their southport engagement session
laughing in front of building
portraits of bride and groom
portrait of the bride in glowy light
cozy snuggle shot in front of brick building
bride and groom artsy shot at their southport engagement session
groom dips the bride to be
the groom hugging the bride from behind during a southport engagement session
groom looking lovingly at bride to be in a alley during their southport engagement session
detail of the engagement ring
on the stairs snuggling in southport
looking away from camera on stairs during the southport engagement session
kissing on cheek during a southport engagement session
forehead to forehead against fence in southport
pulled back kissing shot
face to face on the beach
walking on beach
detail shot of embrace on beach
close up detail of hands

Film images processed by: PhotoVision Prints on Fuji 400H on Pentax 645nii
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