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Day in the Life of Fine Art Wedding Photographer Jennifer Conti

May 12, 2022

Documenting the art and beauty in life’s greatest moments with high-quality, deeply emotive, honest imagery demands the best of me and my team on both wedding days and the days leading up. Having a reliable, intentional schedule keeps me as a fine art wedding photographer organized and prepared for wedding days so that we arrive with purpose and passion, executing my couple’s vision for their dream days.


I wake up each morning at 6am and start my day with a fresh fruit smoothie.

I then dedicate 15 minutes to my mediation practice. This is either stillness, visualization, or guided meditations. I use the Calm app for my mediations because it is so convenient and easy to use.

Next, I set my intentions for the day using my favorite project management software, ClickUp. I list my tasks and set my priorities. Then, I review my monthly and weekly goals and, finally, I head to my goal setting pages to visualize and plan for my long term objectives.

I then complete my morning routine with 15 minutes of reading. I use this time in the morning to read something motivating, inspiring, and business focused. This helps fuel my day for productivity.

After breakfast, I take an energizing walk, head to the office (either at home or once weekly at my Spaces co-work) and get started on my vision and goal power hour. During this hour I work on the one goal that will power my business forward, whether it’s intentional relationship building, strategizing a new revenue stream, or planning content to break into a new market, it moves me closer to the things that are going to bring my business the biggest results.

Next, I dedicate an hour to my daily rotating business goals. On Mondays I write my newsletters, Tuesday KPI monitoring, Wednesday blogging, Thursday Pinterest, and Friday Instagram planning.


After lunch alongside some inspirational podcasts like Oprah’s Super Soul, I answer emails, take client calls, and spend time editing sessions and weddings.

I finish out my afternoon work time with my Top 3. I check my top three priorities set in my bullet journal and make sure they are completed.


I do one last laptop check before bed, complete my evening affirmations, and fall asleep to’s Sleep and Serenity sleepcast.

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An Artist, Traveler, and Storyteller

Trained in film photography with an eye for all things beautiful, I take an authentic approach to my work and my life. Both fun loving and detail oriented, with a background in travel and language, I see every scene and situation as a chance to create something beautiful. I bring deep connection and meaning to my work, and on my lucky days I get to capture it with my camera with you.

Editorial film wedding photographer telling your story with artful excellence and purpose.

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