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A Legacy Coveleigh Club Wedding

A rainy day wedding at the Coveleigh Club in New York shows that you don't need the sun to shine. With rich ties to the club, Charlotte and Beau celebrated their love amidst tradition and family.

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We strive to document the art and beauty in life's greatest moments- inspiring the confidence to be beautiful, live a more wholehearted life, and create a more beautiful, connected world.

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With years of experience in travel, language, and art, Jennifer has spent her life chasing the essence of the things that make us beautiful. She has searched museums and books, in places and in cultures, for the things that make us who we are. This has led her to discover that we are our best selves when we are ourselves, that we are beautiful because we were born, and that where there is life there is art. Inspired by the aesthetics and storytelling techniques commonly found in fashion photography, she creates the visually compelling, narrative-driven imagery that tells the unique story of your life.

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