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My new website has launched! Two months of planning, layouts, writing copy, rewriting copy, aligning images, selecting images, matching images, SEO, is all here. The goal is to make it look simple, seamless, and effortless. Like everything done well I suppose it takes time and effort and no one would ever know it because it […]


August 5, 2019

New Website Launch and Giveaway

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Networking and collaborating, I found myself in the inbox of a beautiful bridal shop this week in Clinton, CT, The White Dress by the Shore, owned and operated by the fabulous Beth Chapman. After introducing myself and offering my services I was offered the opportunity to shoot one of their White Carpet Appointments. To find […]

Business, Planning

June 23, 2019

Jessica’s White Carpet Appointment – Clinton, CT

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Want to grow your photography business? Want to try something different? Want to learn new ways of doing old things? Second shoot. Second shooting weddings is crucial to building a successful wedding photography business, crucial to maintaining a successful wedding photography business, and pivotal to evolving as a successful wedding photography business. And for me, […]


June 22, 2019

Second Shooting – Tips & Advice

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Scrolling through Instagram can be mind numbing at times, click click click and we almost forget to even look. Half the time I’m just getting rid of the badge icon, or the colorful rings at the top of my feed! But on this day, something amazing caught my eye. It stopped me and said, this. […]


April 14, 2019

Creative Workshop with Eric Floberg – New York, New York

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