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Family Getaway at Getaway House in Epsom, New Hampshire

For this personal blog entry, I want to talk about getting away. My idea of getting away goes to my adventurous roots. Connecting with nature, exploring, discovering, traveling. I am not quite the sit-on-the-beach-toes-in-the-sand yearly summer vacationer. (Don’t get me wrong I love the beach.) But when it comes to my free time I prefer something more personal, more connected. I ski in the winter, and retreat to the same mountains in the summer. When I’m looking to center myself it’s always seems to be among the trees.

And while this year was our 10 year wedding anniversary, and we dreamed of a European excursion, with personal expenses and then with Covid, that dream just didn’t happen. So when we looked at virus safe vacations, Epsom New Hampshire Getaway House came to mind. My sister had gone to one before and I remember feeling how completely away her trip made me feel, just by looking at her photos. And I couldn’t think of a better way to escape. So we booked it not knowing what the pandemic would bring, but we were pretty sure that it would be hard to find us here. Our Getaway house had a lock box for our phones and disappearing from the world both physically and virtually mid pandemic sounded pretty damn good to me. I was inspired therefore to bring only my film camera to document our trip. This little experiment made me feel so connected to what we were doing and capture our trip with more intention and heart. I love these pictures and the whole process of shooting film.

I highly recommend booking a Getaway for yourself, locking up your phone, and breathing in all the nature and beauty that is around you. I hope these photographs remind you to notice the little things, escape into yourself once in a while, and remember the important things.

chairs in the treesclose up of wooddad and daughter walkingdaughter at entranceoutside of getaway housethree chairsdaughter in cabindaughter in getaway housethree photo detailclose up of daughter

Film processing: Photovision Prints

Location: Getaway House Boston

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